Зимний вело конгресс в Хельсинки

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Tuesday 4.2.

Helsinki Bicycle Traffic in Winter – pretour and seminar

hosted by Helsinki Cycling Office and Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities

Seminar takes place at the Helsinki Central Library Oodi
Registration deadline 16.1.2020
Price: 75 € (including the seminar, coffee, lunch, guidance and bicycle for the tour)
Price: 110 € (including the seminar, coffee, lunch, guidance, bicycle for the tour and train ticket Helsinki-Joensuu)


Time Program
10.00 Welcome Coffee (Helsinki Central Library Oodi)
10.30 Helsinki best practices of cycling traffic in winter

• Functioning cycling route network through the year
• Methods and prioritizing
• Routes of strengthened winter treatment
• Data and its use – Predict, monitor and show the changes
• Marketing and communication
• From Strategy to Action
• Resources – Staff and Budget

Reetta Keisanen, Cycling Coordinator, City of Helsinki
Antti Takkunen, Cycling Coordinator (maintenance), City of Helsinki
Ilari Heiska, Cycling Traffic Planner, City of Helsinki
Oskari Kaupinmäki, Project Manager/Civitas Handshake, City of Helsinki
12.00 Lunch
13.30 Cycling tour and best cases in action
15.30 End of the tour
16.19 Train leaves from Helsinki to Joensuu

Getting together, melting issues of the day, having dinner and fun!
Train trip is hosted by staff of the Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities
20.56 Arrival in Joensuu


Wednesday 5.2.

9.30       9.30–11.45
Snow-How In Schools: Creative Ways To Use Bike During Schooldays
Miikka Mäkelä, Freelancer / Wuhuu!
12.00–13.00 Lunch      
12.00–16.30       Exhibition open at Joensuu Areena
12.00–18.00       Sauna at Science Park free for use, don't forget your swimsuit!
13.00 13.00–14.00
Road Code for Better Infrastructure
Matti Koistinen, Finnish Cyclists Federation
Using Social Media in Campaigning for Year-Round Cycling
Martti Tulenheimo, Finnish Cyclists' Federation
Workshop: Developing winter cycling modules for primary school children
Angela van der Kloof, Mobycon
14.00 14.00–15.00
4 Seasons of Cycling − Cycling Year - Getting rid of the idea of "cycling season"
Matti Hirvonen, Network of Finnish Cycling Municipalities
All Year Round Bikeshare Programme at Workplaces Nudges Employees Toward Winter Cycling
Sally Londesborough ja Mari Päätalo, Valpastin LTD
14.30   14.30–15.00
Promotion of Safe Cycling Year-round with a Digital Learning Environment
Eeva-Liisa Markkanen, Finnish Road Safety Council
Winter Cycling to school in Finland through students’ eyes
Joonas Niemi, Finnish Schools on the Move
15.00–15.30 Coffee break      
15.30 15.30–16.30
Why Bicycle theft declines in wintertime in Utrecht
Herbert Tiemens, City of Utrecht
How can people cycle every season?
International best practices for winter cycling in cities
Angela Francke, Technische Universität Dresden
Measure, Improve, Encourage: Boosting winter cycling to schools in Lappeenranta
Matti Pesu, Lappeenrannan Pyöräilijät ry
16.00     16.00–16.30
Why would I cycle? I have a moped!
Reasons for cycling or not cycling among upper secondary student
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Небольшой отчет про этот конгресс от моего любимого велоютюбера, который был одним из докладчиков. 




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Ready to keep the bike boom going and thirsty for snow-how? Join us for SnowFall, a FREE, special fall-season winter cycling congress warmup event.  THIS Thursday, Nov.12th 10am EST North America/ 4pm. Expert panels and discussion. Register now:


Скрытый текст

This event features two panels filled with very special guests followed by moderated Q&A. Come. Learn. Bring your questions and ideas.  

Session 1 - Is YOUR city ready?
 Winter plans, policies, and procedures from Finland, Canada and the US leading featuring a discussion with city staff from Minneapolis, Turku, Oulu and Montreal. Followed by Q&A

Live from Finland - Video Tour Break (Pekka Tahkola)

Session 2 - Are YOUR people ready? How to nudge culture and lay the foundation for new ways of moving. Share best practices in motivating others and discuss what it takes to get millions of people - or maybe just your uncle - to ride in winter every day. 


Harri Vaarala
Oulu, Finland
Traffic Engineer from the world's most bike-friendly winter city, Oulu, Finland. Ex-brewmaster, ok bike planner, average cyclist.

Stella Aaltonen

Turku, Finland
Aaltonen coordinates the Mobility and transport action in the city of Turku and leads CIVITAS ECCENTRIC and USER-Chi projects in the city.

Bartek Komorowski
City of Montreal expert in winter cycling best practices. Winter Cycling Federation Board Member

Matthew DyrdahlAICP, CTP, LCI
Transportation Planner/Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator
City of Mennapolis

Moderated by Anders Swanson, Chair of Velo Canada Bikes, founder of Winter Bike to Work Day


Marjo Harju
Doctoral student, University of Turku 

Glenn Kubish
Edmonton, Canada
All-seasons bicycle rider living in Edmonton. Co-founder of Coffee Outside, a weekly, Friday-morning meetup with bicycle riders and active transportation advocates in Edmonton. Pecha Kucha presenter at Winter Cycle Congress (Minneapolis, Montreal, Moscow, Calgary). @kub64 on Twitter. 

Leigh Anne Parry

Co-founder of the Plain Bicycle Project, former bicycle courier, and multi-media artist.

Moderated by Becca Wolfson, ED of Boston Cyclists' Union, Boston, USA

UniversityTampere University of Applied Scienc




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